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       Weifang Aofeng Crops Disease Prevention Control Ltd. Co. was established in March, 2010. In line with the development of modern agriculture and the whole society's attention to the safety of agricultural products, we have formed the advantages of preventing and curing crop diseases, nourishing and rejuvenating crops, helping to establish high-end production procedures, and improving the quality and efficiency of agricultural production by sticking with applied theories and specific methods of “Secondary Metabolism Theories” and “Quaternity Skills” Weifang Aofeng (AF) sticks to providing users with solutions including agricultural technology services as the mission, demonstrating the layout and package assistance as a means, determined sincere cooperation with users, merchants, peers, agricultural technology promotion organizations and individuals, government agencies, and academic institutions, etc.
Our company takes up the mission of “preventing and controlling crop diseases to promote the development of agricultural ecology”. We dedicate to become the most authoritative and influential supplier in China.
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  • Address:Qingchen International, Hanting District, Weifang City, Shandong Province
  • Phone:18815361503
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  • Email:sdwfaf@sina.cn